Meet Christian

Q & A

Why did you choose your profession?

The prospect of using my business training/skills and working with people who save lives seemed like something I would find challenging.

Who are your main influences?

Mr. Carl Grover: one of my High School Teachers. He showed me that how you respond to failure/rejection means everything. If you pay attention, failure/rejection can teach you valuable lessons which you can turn into something positive.

Abraham Lincoln for his perseverance: He was made fun of for his clothes, his dialect, his lack of money, and other things. He overcame the deaths of his mother, sister, and two sons. In business Lincoln failed twice. As a politician he lost eight elections before he became our President. The Gettysburg address, ridiculed at first, is now regarded as one of the finest speeches ever given.

Pursue your dreams and don’t let discouragements or criticism from others defeat you.

Do you live by any piece of advice or motto?

Kindness is seeing the best in others when they cannot see it in themselves. Kindness is doing what you can, where you are, with what you have.

What are you passionate about?

Building up the people and processes around me. Finding ways to improve (no matter how recently it was improved or how good it is considered to be currently.)

What behavior or personality trait do you most attribute to your success, and why?

Perseverance: I have gotten more joy and growth from experiences difficult to achieve than from those that were accomplished easily. No good story starts with, “I did this <thing/action> once and won.”

Do you have a favorite season?

Spring. When everything starts anew and good things appear where destruction reigned.

Who inspires you and why?

Tammy, my life partner.
She will tackle any project, no matter how daunting, sometimes using methods/approaches that, (according to my logic) should not work and achieves fantastic results too often to just be lucky. Different eyes may see opportunities you cannot. Seek and consider the inputs of others.

If you were an action figure, what accessories would you be sold with?

A Swiss Army knife, a roll of Duct Tape and a dog. The amount of good, or mischief, you can do with those accessories is limitless.


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